Through interactive experiences that captivate customers, analytics that transform big data into even bigger actions and new mobile technologies that harness the power of IOT and Smart Cities and Smart Building Services. We offer end-to-end solutions that delight customers and drives business process performances across your organization.

Digital disruption can is an opportunity for organization who see it as a way to deliver sustainable core strategies, delight customers and operate smarter and faster. NCI DIGITAL experts support companies across all industries to maximize their DIGITAL potential.

  • NCI assess your disruption potential, maximizes your technology and competitive advantage, identifies changing patterns that could threat your business model
  • Collaborate on your product strategy, scenarios and roadmaps, new business models for digital growth and value creation
  • Provide you with interim experts to facilitate the first projects of this transformative journey

FINTECH Blockchain POC Infrastructure

NCI Group runs a Digital Prototyping Lab together with International accredited Institutions, to provide Blockchain POC services on demand.

We provide our clients a sound and accredited Blockchain processes decision making platform:

  • Trainings / Seminars
  • Identification of best case blockchain processes
  • Development of prototype blockchains
  • Development of ICT Investments proof of concepts
  • Turnkey implementation and operation projects

Smart Cities, Smart Building s, Smart Offices - We audit, consult, develop and integrate state of the art Digital INFRASTRUCTURE solutions. The NCI Team benchmarks and transforms best practice solutions in Digital Technologies for the benefit of your organizational processes.

  • Design | Development | Applications
  • IOT Building Consulting
  • DIGITAL eGovernment
  • DIGITAL Health Care
  • AUGMENTED Reality
  • Biometric Building Security

NCI engages with various technology teams and agencies on strategies, plans and implementation of modern mobile design and development.

  • Create the right Mobile Application Strategy and Roadmap for your business
  • Strengthen and accelerate your existing Mobile strategy and development effort
  • Collaborate on designing compelling mobile user experiences that differentiate your brand

NCI integrate your mobile and Omnichannel strategies into an instant prototyping processe. DIGITAL Investments are driven on proof of concept prototyping results.

  • App Prototyping
  • End to End Processes
  • Proof of Concepts
  • Digital disruption can be a self-fulfilling prophecy: A threat to businesses that view it that way, but a rich opportunity for those who see it as a way to deliver on core strategy, delight customers and operate smarter and faster. Our digital experts help companies across all industries, regions and growth stages to determine not what digital will do to them, but what they will do with digital.Cloud based test phases

Organizations realize the potential of that the digital experience & brand experience. The first steps for most customers, whether you are considering, beginning or wanting to accelerate the digital transformation process, are:

  • Define & deliver a Digital First Master Plan for your organization
  • Collaborate & leadership to strengthen the competitive digital edge
  • Digital Transformation Strategy and Roadmaps
  • Strengthen and accelerate your existing e-Commerce & mobile strategy and development
  • Collaborate & differentiate
  • Deliver personalized digital experiences that are consistent across channels and devices
  • Maximize the value from your customers' insights